R&E Group to evaluate parent-child home visiting program

PHMC Research Scientist Dr. Kate Hemady will collaborate with researchers at Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) National Center (www.parent-child.org) and Dr. Patricia Manz, Associate Professor at Lehigh University, to evaluate the implementation and impact of the PCHP in two Philadelphia communities. PCHP builds school readiness among young children through home visiting that focuses on modeling age-appropriate and engaging parent-child interaction with books and toys. R&E Group is leading the parent assessment and data collection/processing, and outcome measures will assess child development, preliteracy, preschool enrollment, school readiness, school records, and some aspects of parenting. Collaborators include PHA, Greenlight, and PHMC’s ECE group. Funding for this study is being provided to PCHP National Center by the William Penn Foundation.

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